Tips for Maintaining and Playing

Golf course maintenance is a vital part, but it can be tough to perform maintenance on a schedule that doesn’t interfere with play. Eliminate Ball Marks Course Design Repair Divots Lightning Safety Be Specific with Maintenance Rough It Up Choose Golf Carts Prioritize Sustainability Aeration & Durability Trees Rake Sand Bunkers Waterproof Lighting Rough ItContinue reading “Tips for Maintaining and Playing”

Importance of Aeration : Golf Course

Aeration helps to perforate the soil to allow nutrients, water, and air to infiltrate the grassroots. It also helps in creating a smooth & firm putting surface, also promotes healthy turf roots. If the Thatch on putting greens is not weakened by topdressing & aeration, it will start holding the water near the surface which willContinue reading “Importance of Aeration : Golf Course”

Your Guide to Golf’s Favorite Turf

There are numerous turf types utilized in golf course management and construction, but over the years one variety has become recognized as a favorite amongst professionals: Zoysiagrass. Why Zoysiagrass? Zoysiagrass is renowned for its durability, adaptability, and attractiveness. Capable of weathering heat, drought and heavy foot traffic, it has become a front runner among previousContinue reading “Your Guide to Golf’s Favorite Turf”

4 Ways Golf Courses & Private Clubs Can Drive Online Reviews

According to, nine out of ten consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends & family. What are you doing to increase your rating and review count? Know more- Golf course consulting Not much? Here are four ideas to get you started: Ask — In sales, we are taught to “ask for theContinue reading “4 Ways Golf Courses & Private Clubs Can Drive Online Reviews”

Golf Course Maintenance – A Considered Approach

Golf Course maintenance is the single biggest expenditure item for almost every club in operation, here and overseas. Despite there being several specialist companies who make it their business to maintain golf courses, nationally, less than 5% of Clubs currently outsource their course maintenance. One might say that this is not necessarily surprising since theContinue reading “Golf Course Maintenance – A Considered Approach”

Top Five golf tips for beginners

Here’s some tips for any beginner who feels entering the golfing world will be daunting experience and is looking for a few early pointers. Golf has a reputation for being something of an elite sport, played by aging men in eclectic colors. While that is still the case in some places, golf is certainly becomingContinue reading “Top Five golf tips for beginners”

5 Effective Tips for Golf Course Grass Cut

Grass cutting is an essential part of golf management services. To make the golf course thick and healthy, mowing is important. A proper grass cut technique promotes growth but rough mowing can ruin your golf course. Therefore, following a proper technique is mandatory. Here are a few mowing tips that everyone should follow to make the grassContinue reading “5 Effective Tips for Golf Course Grass Cut”

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