Essential Course-Maintenance Rules

You owe a debt of gratitude to your golf-course superintendent if the greens are immaculate and the fairways are immaculate. One method to repay him or her is to assist with maintenance. It doesn’t take a lot. Following are some simple habits every golfer should embrace. 1. Repair your pitch marks: Few sights in golf areContinue reading “Essential Course-Maintenance Rules”

How Do You Maintain a Golf Course In Florida?

The term “golf course maintenance” refers to the actions that are carried out to keep the course’s resources in good operating order. Repairing and replacing club assets, mowing and chemically treating turf, removing ball marks, improving playing conditions, and more are all part of it. While golf is well-known for being a peaceful and enjoyableContinue reading “How Do You Maintain a Golf Course In Florida?”

Florida Golf Course Maintenance Tips

It’s understandable that those in charge of golf course maintenance become irritated when they witness golfers behaving badly on “their” course. After all, it’s their responsibility to make sure that every blade of grass is flawless before the first tee time, and then to continue their golf course lawn care efforts the next morning toContinue reading “Florida Golf Course Maintenance Tips”

Why golf courses put sand on greens?

Raise your hand if this has happened to you: you appear at a green, hoping to discover it in clean condition, just to find that the greens have been sanded. Bummer, correct? yes, it is. In any case, think about the big picture. Not all things are in every case pretty much you. Superintendents don’tContinue reading “Why golf courses put sand on greens?”

Give Your Greens a Vacation with Golf Course Aeration

When you arrive at a golf course, you’ll typically be greeted by an average of 18 holes. But if you arrive at a golf course that is actively undergoing aeration, you’ll probably see something similar to green swiss cheese.  Putting on greens that have just been aerated can be very frustrating, but most golfers knowContinue reading “Give Your Greens a Vacation with Golf Course Aeration”

How Is A Golf Course Designed?

Seen by the novice or non-admirer of the game, a fairway is only a scene loaded up with green grass, trees, and sandpits. Notwithstanding, to a golf player, golf fan, or club part, a green is a show-stopper. Green plan includes the difficult designing and exact area of sand, grass, slopes a lot, and shouldContinue reading “How Is A Golf Course Designed?”

Guide for Getting a Golf Course Lawn

A flawlessly striped grass cut tight like a golf course fairway. This depicts the fantasy of most grass care aficionados. I will plot the cycle I followed to make the yard you see above. It’s taken barely 2 years of blood, sweat, and manure to get my Golf course maintenance to this point. Even thoughContinue reading “Guide for Getting a Golf Course Lawn”

Maintenance Mistakes That Cannot be Undone

SLOPE AND SITE MISTAKES: You may feel the effects of low site & slope. When selecting a site to design a golf course or planning an expansion on your course consider the entirety of the site before beginning. Properly designed areas have the advantages of decreased need for pesticide application POOR MOWING: Mowing is aContinue reading “Maintenance Mistakes That Cannot be Undone”

Climate and Course Conditions

Death Valley, California, and Uummannaq, Greenland couldn’t be more different, with Uummannaq dropping all the way to -19 degrees Fahrenheit and Death Valley reaching a historic high at 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the temperature difference, Death Valley and Uummannaq also have one other thing in common… golf courses! Keeping a golf course in playing conditionContinue reading “Climate and Course Conditions”

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