Essential Course-Maintenance Rules

You owe a debt of gratitude to your golf-course superintendent if the greens are immaculate and the fairways are immaculate. One method to repay him or her is to assist with maintenance. It doesn’t take a lot. Following are some simple habits every golfer should embrace.

1. Repair your pitch marks: Few sights in golf are more depressing than a pock-marked green that is rough and cratered like the moon’s surface. Make sure to correct any mistakes you make. Fix a couple more while you’re at it. Just make sure the repairs are done correctly. Although a tee will suffice, a divot-repair tool is more efficient. Digging down and pulling up is a common mistake that can rip the grass roots and damage the lawn.

2. Fill divots: Not to the turf’s level, but to the earth’s level.” That’s your rhyming guide to filling divots in the fairway. Sweep the sand smooth with your feet after covering the torn-up area with it, so that it’s even with the ground and not the top of the grass. It’s a problem to leave behind sand humps and hillocks for two reasons.

3. Save the sand: There are a million ways to hit a ball into a bunker, but there is only one method you should go in yourself. Begin on the low end.

4. Park on the paths: Golfers who arrive at a tee box or a green and park their buggies with two wheels on the path and two wheels on the turf, so that maintenance vehicles and the beverage cart can pass by.

Some business models, such as the outsourced model, allow for outside capital investments to fuel improvements, repairs, and the success of the facility, all without additional investment by the facility itself.

If you are interested in repairs, renovations, golf consulting or golf facility services talk to DTE Golf now and find out how we do golf better.

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