Golf In Florida

A golf trip to Florida’s First Coast brings with it a variety of new pleasures. Examine why golf in Florida differs from golf in other parts of the country. Examine why golf in Florida differs from golf in other parts of the country.

The golf course landscaping differs significantly from other business landscaping in terms of both design and upkeep. We have the expertise and experience you need to keep your golf course landscape expertly manicured and stylish this year as professionals in the golf course landscaping game (believe us, that’s the only professional title we’ll ever claim in the golfing industry).

Here’s what to anticipate:

1.Temperatures that are higher:

There’s no need to be concerned about your winter golf plans being thwarted by snow. Golf is a year-round pastime in Florida, with winter temperatures in the mid-60s and low temperatures averaging in the mid-40s.

In the summer, book a morning tee time to avoid the hot weather and the possibility of afternoon rain showers. Midway during your round, you’ll have time to visit local breweries or schedule a trip to the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum.

2. Sightings of Wildlife:

While the fairways provide a haven for golfers, they also provide a haven for animals. From egrets to turtles and even the rare alligator, you’ll see plenty of local wildlife as you walk the route.

But don’t be afraid; just keep your distance, play through the hole, and remember that this is also their home. The golf course is an excellent wildlife sanctuary, with immaculate greens, water, and a lack of foot traffic.

3. Holes on the Beach:

Northeast Florida features 35 holes with ocean vistas, from Amelia Island to Palm Coast — something you can’t claim about many other places!

Play the newly remodelled Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort for a challenge, with six holes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

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