Why golf courses put sand on greens?

Raise your hand if this has happened to you: you appear at a green, hoping to discover it in clean condition, just to find that the greens have been sanded.

Bummer, correct? yes, it is. In any case, think about the big picture. Not all things are in every case pretty much you. Superintendents don’t sand laying surfaces out plainly to disturb you. They do it for the drawn-out wellbeing of the greens.

But since you’ve been inconvenienced, you have the right to know exactly why. What, specifically, are the advantages of sanding? How, precisely, does it work?

Benefits of Topdressing

When properly applied, regular topdressing can:

  • Enhance smoothness/fill void between turfgrass leaves and stems within turf canopy
  • Improve surface resiliency/firmness
  • Improve soil properties to withstand more damage and recover faster
  • Reduce algae/cushion leaf tips
  • Modify soil profile
  • Improve soil ability to transport water, air and nutrients
  • Aid decomposition process and naturally supply nutrients to turf

While topdressing is both an essential and restorative practice, it can easily go south if improperly approached. From the soil mixture to application time and technique, and improper or unprofessional topdressing can and will harm your turf health

If you’re thinking of topdressing your golf course, and don’t want to risk your course in the process, consider hiring a golf consulting company like DTE Golf. 

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