Guide for Getting a Golf Course Lawn

A flawlessly striped grass cut tight like a golf course fairway. This depicts the fantasy of most grass care aficionados. I will plot the cycle I followed to make the yard you see above. It’s taken barely 2 years of blood, sweat, and manure to get my Golf course maintenance to this point. Even though it looks very great, I’m continually searching for approaches to improve my golf course lawn.


Topdressing is the way toward applying a layer of sand to the turf to streamline the lopsided surface. There are a few sorts of top dressing. It can go from basically natural material to unadulterated jungle gym sand. A 50-50 blend of stream sand and natural material was utilized in my yard. This has the benefit of leveling the turf while additionally adding supplements.


In the wake of topdressing, the cutter you use is by a long shot the main part of procuring and keeping a green yard. The essential explanation most yards don’t seem as though a fairway is that the proprietor is utilizing some unacceptable sort of cutter to cut the grass.


I want to utilize a mix of manufactured and natural composts. For the manufactured I utilize a medium delivery compost from Lebanon Turf. The particular item is their ProScape 25-0-5 with 1% iron and 51% MESA. Plateau is their exclusive added substance that takes care of the yard for broadened periods while not causing unnecessary development.

4.Cutting Frequency

A main motivation behind why fairways look the manner in which they do, is cutting recurrence. The more limited the grass, the more much of the time it must be cut to keep up the ideal stature. To have a green yard between cutting meetings, it’s suggested that close to 1/3 the length of the grass be taken out.


Contingent upon your yard size, water will presumably be your most noteworthy cost. You can guarantee you benefit from your watering by utilizing productive water system.

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