Maintenance Mistakes That Cannot be Undone


You may feel the effects of low site & slope. When selecting a site to design a golf course or planning an expansion on your course consider the entirety of the site before beginning.

Properly designed areas have the advantages of decreased need for pesticide application


Mowing is a vital routine with any turfgrass, but it’s always not all-around grass height. Mowing ways affect root development, turf texture & density, color, and water tolerance. Mowing inappropriate damages turf in the long run.

Every golf course should have a mowing plan, and keeping your cutters sharpened. Having experienced technicians for mowing work.


Some of the most harmful steps to turfgrass comes from golfers as they drive, putt, and walk across the course. However, holding individuals off the golf course may not be the best for the corporation.

 While maintenance techniques can support your turf against harm, there are inevitable issues that golf course turfgrasses face. 

When soil becomes compressed due to traffic from individuals and carts, aeration is the next step. Aeration is making spots in the course and sufficing them with sand to remove water out of compressed soil. 


Topdressing used to enhance surface smoothness and firmness while ensuring turf healing from thinning. 

With a staff of licensed and award-winning professionals, a range of resources, and industry-leading technology, Down to Earth Golf is always the solution.

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